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What is GFS?

GFS is short for GliderForSale.
GliderForSale is a brand new service which allows glider pilots and clubs to advertise their gliders.

What is different about GFS?

GliderForSale differentiates itself from other classified ad sites, by using social media. By uploading every advertisement to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram we guarantee a bigger audience for your ad.

The goal is to become the number 1 marketplace for second hand gliders. GFS offers a more user-friendly environment than any other site out there. Completely free of charge and with a personal hands-on approach, GFS is the place to sell your glider.

Our team

GliderForSale is found and run by two young Belgian glider pilots, who are based at EBBT (Brasschaat). Who, in their spare time (when not flying), spend their time selling gliders via GFS. They go by the names of: Alexander Mariën, aged 20 (Founder) & Quinten Hermans, aged 17 (Co-Founder). Together with Skylegs, they are at your service.

Contact details:

GliderForSale -
Alexander Mariën, Founder -
Quinten Hermans, Co-founder -
Senne Vandenputte, web development -
Skylegs, Web development -

Small history

13 June 2013,

One night Alexander came up with the idea of starting a facebook page where people could advertise their gliders. He asked his friend Quinten to join in GliderForSale was born. By contacting friends, other pages and sites, GliderForSale gathered 300 likes under 24 hours.

18 June 2013,

The Facebook page reached 1000+ likes.

24 June 2013,

Due to the succes of the Facebook page, we decided to start developing a website as well.
We partnered up with and work began.

12 July 2013,

Our partners at Skylegs, released the first public version of the website.
500 unique visitors in first 10 hours

15 September 2013,

2000+ Likes on facebook page.

18 June 2014,

3000+ Likes on facebook page.

14 November 2016,

After several months of inactivity due to shortage in staff, we resumed normal operation and welcomed Senne to our team. We also hit 6000+ Likes on our Facebook page. 

Present day,

Work is being done to improve the next version of the website.

Social media

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